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For over 50 years, Taki Ono Studio has been involved in various design fields such as graphics, branding, packaging, and identity. We have worked on numerous projects in both Japan and the United States.

After Taki Ono moved to Los Angeles in 1971, he engaged in a wide range of work, including creating poster visuals and designs for Hollywood movies, designing record jackets, and fashion advertisements that were popular at the time. Notably, in 1976, Taki Ono personally pioneered the world's first nail art at a luxury beauty salon in Beverly Hills.

Upon returning to Japan, in 1988, Taki Ono started as a pioneer in digital design with Apple Macintosh. The first printed material using Adobe Photoshop in Japan appeared on the cover of MdN magazine #2 in 1990, and it was created by Taki Ono, with the help of Mr. Inomata of MdN magazine, using a beta version imported from the United States.

Subsequently, Taki Ono Studio was involved in various fields of work, including advertising, entertainment, World Expos, PARCO, Seibu Department Store, and others, which also included foreign companies like JP Morgan. 

From the mid-1990s, the studio focused on packaging design for L'Oréal.

Currently, in addition to working on packaging, branding, and entertainment projects, the studio is also engaged in creating artwork, including NFTs. 

Furthermore, they are exploring No-code web design, enabling creative activities spanning various fields, all with the aim to contribute to shaping the future world.

タキ・オノ スタジオのプロモーション。

Promotion of Taki Ono Studio.

タキ・オノ スタジオのパッケージング。

Packaging by Taki Ono Studio.

タキ・オノ スタジオのブランディング

Branding for Taki Ono Studio.

 タキ・オノ スタジオのポスターとタイトル。

Taki Ono Studioposter and title.

タキ・オノ スタジオのロゴとシンボル。

Taki Ono Studiologos and symbols.


​NFT art by Taki Ono.

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