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Packaging Design for L'Oreal Paris and Maybelline New York

We have had a creative collaboration with L'Oreal for approximately 30 years and with Maybelline for over 20 years, working on packaging design and more. It began with the redesign of the 70s hit product "FREESTYLE" and continued with numerous new products. Among them, the most influential worldwide was the FERIA hair color series. It revolutionized the hair color concept, making it a fashionable hair color product globally. We take great pride in this design achievement.


MAYBELLINE New York, packaging




Taki Ono Studio has a long history of creating vibrant and beautiful packaging that can make products even more attractive.
In Japan, we have worked with the world-renowned L'Oreal and many other cosmetics companies, and we are well versed in projects based on our extensive experience.
With this expertise, we are ready to support our clients.

Taki Ono Studio is committed to creating quality packaging designs that take into account the unique values and personality of the product.
We place importance on design that is not only visually appealing, but also fun and pleasing.
We can also handle package designs for a variety of industries.

From quality and concept to design, we maintain a thorough balance to provide packaging that complements the product.
It is our desire to help you deliver a pleasant consumer experience with Taki Ono Studio's packaging design.

Formal Klein

Product Packaging & Logo Design

We carried out a complete rebranding of the well-received Flavia series. While retaining some familiarity from the previous image, we infused sophistication and luxury into the design to give it a fresh new look.

Dr. Reve Brand Design Concept

The "R" character representing the Dr. Reve theory is created by three arcs and positioned at the center, with "Dr. Reve" placed around it. The font of Dr.(R)eve expresses a balanced sense of playfulness and a whimsical worldview. We aim to convey the brand's direction through three aspects: "fun, refined sense, and emotions brought by joy." The "R" character is enclosed within a large circle, creating an impactful design. When looking at the logo, the circular element stands as the focal point of the brand identity, while the surrounding text further emphasizes its presence and conveys emotions.

Product Design

To express my long-standing design sensibility in the world of products, I have collaborated with talented product designers to create various works. We continue to challenge new forms of expression and innovation in our pursuit of further creativity.

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