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Taki Ono Studio has been involved in the production of numerous Hollywood movie posters in the United States.
The U.S. is one of the most competitive countries in the world, and we have found it challenging and rewarding to overcome various difficulties and challenges.

In Japan, we have produced posters for operas, concerts, and events, as well as Hollywood-related work.
Taki Ono Studio offers unique and original designs, incorporating fresh and varied ideas in poster production.

Taki Ono Studio is committed to designing designs that incorporate the entertainment elements our clients seek, while adding our own unique color palette.
The result is a great poster that invites your customers' keen interest and empathy.
The skilled team at Taki Ono Studio is committed to helping you realize your vision and push your branding to the next level.

  • マンハッタントランスファー レコードジャケット1981 アートディレクション・デザイン Manhattan Transfer Album Cover Art direction & design 1981    Photography:Matthew Rolston / Illustration:Pater Sato / Costume design:Jean Paul Gaultier 

•Tangent Dream The Thief•BBKing •Helen Reddy•Herb Alpert Magic Man•Johnny Guitar Watson•Cherry Vanilla The Punk•The Disco•Sonny Rollins•Charles Mingus •Haruomi Hosono NAGA•Renaissance•Haruomi Hosono Endless Talking•Jazz Heritage Series•Howling Wolf•Sandy Immigrants•Haruomi Hosono The Best instrumental •Nadja ChiChoHoi•Decca Jazz•Haruomi Hosono Coincidental Music•Liberace•Haruomi Hosono Aroma Sonora•John Lee Hooker •Nina Simone•Bing Crosby 

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