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Design of a dealer network guide requested by Renault Japon, which was before the tie-up with Nissan. While referring to the global standard for the basic rules, we created rules that match the reality of SHOWROOM in Japan. It was made by an architect, the materials and other rules were reinterpreted to achieve a high degree of perfection.

RENAULT Net Work Guide

SK-II Next stage brand identity development

Agc:Des Grppes Gobe Goup

This was a collaborative project commissioned by a branding company in France for SK II's mid-to-long-term retail branding. Previously, the image had a somewhat calm tone with brown as the main color, but we added hints of red as if revealing the lining of clothing to create a lively atmosphere. We represented the Pitera enzyme in an arched shape, incorporating arcs into most elements of the brand image.

Martell brandy retail identity development for China

Agc:Des Grppes Gobe Goup

This is a retail design to stimulate purchasing for the end of the year in China.


Taki Ono Studio is committed to bringing your clear brand strategy to life in our designs and maximizing the strengths of your brand.

We work hard to create a design that delivers all the functionality, tradition, and innovation required in branding.

We will create the branding through a collaboration with Bio-Terrene Corporation (, utilizing their extensive experience in accurate branding.
Furthermore, Taki Ono Studio's designs will add further depth to your brand's true value through vivid and rich imagery.

The creative team at Taki Ono Studio will work with you to transform your vision into reality and help your business reach a new level of success.

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