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Our Value


The basis of my designs is the expression of JOY.


It's an expression of JOY which is, positive life, smiles rather than tears, hugs, fun, uplifting, humbleness, humor and fun, joyfulness, are the essence of my design.


There are theories and concepts. Once they were digested in myself, I kick them away like pebbles and reconstruct them based on my senses. It's a design that touches heart.


[Physical=theory and concept] is an important start, but [metaphysical=sensation] dissolves physical without a trace and brings metaphysical into design and creation.

Services we offer

01 Branding / Design Strategy, Design Concept development, Logo and symbol mark design development and other graphic design 02 Packaging Design (30years of experience in cosmetics industry) 03 WEB Design/SNS Marketing-No Code Web Production, Creative direction, & Coordinations 04 NFT Art in Metaverse by TheTakiOnoArt 05 Product Design/ Creative direction & Coordinations 06 Graphic Design / Posters, Collaterals & Signage design 07 Space, Interior Design & Coordinations Reatail & Architectual Coordinations 08 Advertising Design/Overseas & Domestic 09 Motion Visuals / Creative direction & Coordinations 10 Editorial Design/ Books, Magazins, Annual Reports, Catalogs & Pamphlets

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